In new UI, there is no "Get from Version Control" when you have a project open

If working in one project and you want to open a 2nd project from VCS in a new window, the dropdowns don't have anything.

I have the New UI enabled on pycharm pro, version below.

This page:  says there is in VCS dropdown “Get from Version control.” 

There is an easy workaround (find the action; assign a shortcut).  But I think “get from vcs” should be in the “File|Open…” dropdown.  And also in the “Git” or “VCS” dropdown, both of those are obvious expectations?




PyCharm 2023.2 (Professional Edition)
Build #PY-232.8660.197, built on July 26, 2023

Runtime version: 17.0.7+7-b1000.6 amd64

I also have jetbrains emacs keymap in place but don't think that changes what is in menus.

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When the project is not managed by the VCS, there is this option under the VCS menu:

When the project is managed by the VCS, there is an option called “Clone” under the Git menu:

Is it different for you? Of course, we could raise a usability issue about unifying this under a single action for both cases.


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