Multiple nodejs projects in the same git repo (aka mono-repo), How do I configure Webstorm?

Does WebStorm support opening a mono-repo from the root of the git repo?  If so, how do I tell Webstorm that there are several projects in the same Window?

I have a mono-repo with two sub-directories for front-end and back-end of a web app.

Front-end is ReactJS

Backend is NodeJS with Typescript.

Is there anything I need to do to tell Webstorm that there are multiple projects or does it “just work”?

The only issue I know of is making sure webstorm is using the correct tsconfig.json for syntax checking for each subproject.

My previous experience was using IntelliJ Idea with Java and Maven which required each project to be managed so IntelliJ would know where the “sources” root was in order for proper Java compiling.

I'm not so sure that anythink like this happens in Javascript except that the project.json and node_modules mark the top of projects.

I'm not sure it's a one to one comparison.

If there is something I should do in order to “play nice” with Webstorm please let me know.

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It should just work, no special steps are required

If you have any problems with this setup, please let us know


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