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i develop Flutter mobile applications and wonder what is the role of the selected Android API version which i can choose/change in Project Structure → Modules → Tab Dependencies → Module SDK (shown in project hierarchy tree under External Libraries)?

Since the Android relevant versions (minSdk, compileSdk and targetSdk) are set in app/build.gradle i would be interested to know what impact the mentioned module SDK is (and what happens if i change it) ?

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Valentin Treu Here has a lot of detailed discussion.

what impact the mentioned module SDK is (and what happens if i change it)

It's simple that the real module SDK version must equal or greater than the compileSdk and targetSdk version number.

The Flutter SDK it self has a supported Android SDK version range, usually you did't need to change it.


Ok thank you.

But what is the module SDK actually used for in my project, above all if i change the version?

When i open a Flutter project in VS Code i don't see any module SDK, therefore i wonder if that's a general artefact of IntelliJ and has nothing to do with a Flutter project.


If you only developing the Flutter app, you can safely ignore these settings in the Project Structure, these only useful when a Android developer want to edit some codes working only for Flutter Android app. BTW, please install this plugin to develop flutter app. There are documents about how to use it: .

If this is not your case, or you encounter any errors, please share me a screenshot or screencast.


Ok great, thanks for clarifying.

The Flutter plugin was one of the first i installed for my projects :-)


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