Create Gradle plugin using Kotlin


Hello community.

I'd like to create my own Gradle plugin (not an IntelliJ plugin), written in Kotlin, to use it in my own projects.

I searched everywhere and there is information on how to create one in Java, using the java-gradle-plugin, and there's also groovy-gradle-plugin (which I suspect it's about creating a plugin in Groovy). I did have success with the java-gradle-plugin, but doing simple things in Java was already too complicated and I didn't even have the references of the Kotlin language,  which I needed for my plugin.

Is there any template/demo project that shows how to write one? Or isn't there any?


Thank you!

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This forum is strictly about IntelliJ Platform plugin development. Please do not ask unrelated questions here.

I suggest finding Gradle community forum, Slack, or other channel for help.

Thank you for understanding.


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