Keymap for shortcuts not correct

Hi there,

I use VSCode currently and now I'm evaluating PyCharm if it may be of any further use for me. During testing I recognized that when pressing CTRL+/ the code folds instead of being commented/uncommented. In Settings → KeyMap I tried to figure out why and wanted to redefine CTRL+/ as the keystroke for commenting. During pressing these keys I saw that the key “/” is recognized as “-” (Minus), not as slash. And there are two other keys acting differently - “\” (backslash) is recognized as NumberSign and “]” as “Plus”.

This is really weird because when editing code everything works fine - except the shortcuts involving these keys.

I'm using Ubuntu 20.02 with an ANSI Keyboard, no redefined keys. Any ideas?

Regards, Thomas


I had the same issue, after changing my keyboard layout from german to english. After making sure that I set the same layout using the systemsettings for my window manager (I'm unfamiliar with ubuntu, in kde it is called systemsettings) and localectl (in the terminal) the issue was resolved.


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