Macro names in keymap all being listed as "Invoke Macro"

Does anyone else have this issue?

I have some macros recorded and have given them names. If I look in:

Edit > Macros

they are all listed here correctly.

If I go into:

File > Settings > Keymap > Macros

They are all listed as the same name: “Invoke Macro”. The keymaps for them look correct, I just can't see the name that I gave them.

Upload id: 2023_09_08_zBaqcVLhcUfETrxq75ahyP (file: Screenshot 2023-09-08 153329.gif)


Sorry about this! It's a bug and has to be fixed on the platform side: IDEA-314986


Would love to know when this will get fixed - the latest update didn't fix it :(


MarkTheMartian the fix should be available in 2024.1.2. What is your current PhpStorm version? Let me know the build number.


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