Unable to remap "Editor Actions" keymap

In Settings > Keymap, there is a section for Editor Actions.  The only things it allows me to do so is  add a mouse shortcut or remove the keys altogether.  This is what I'm getting:

If I remove it the only menu option at that point is “Reset Shortcuts”.  If I go to other sections (such as Main Menu for example) I am given additional options for “Add Keyboard Shortcut” and “Add Abbreviation”.  As you can see from the blue highlights in the image, I did change those keymappings at some point.  I'm just not able to now.  Does anyone know why?

I'm running PHPStorm on Linux fwiw.  However, I'm seeing the same behavior on my Mac install so I'm not sure that it has anything to do with the OS.  I'm just putting this out there…

Thank you!


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Hi Christoph!

The action you are checking the context menu on isn't supposed to be used without the mouse, so it's expected that you can only assign a mouse shortcut to it.

If you check the menu on the ‘Backspace’ action, for instance, there will be an option to add a keyboard shortcut.


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