Menu only available on first instance


After the latest update CLion only shows a menu on the first instance of the application using the new UI.  If I open a second or third instance for other projects they do not have a menu.   Running under Gnome, everything is fine, but I don't usually run Gnome so this is a problem since I don't remember every menu item to call it up from the command palette.   It started when the last update came in that resolved the full-screen issues. 

Also, now I can't even go to full-screen in sway if I wanted to.  It immediately reverts back to normal if I try to full-screen using the sway command and the full-screen option does not even exist anymore in the clion commands.   




It might be related to IDEA-323700 which should be fixed in CLion 2023.2.1. What CLion version do you use, 2023.2 or 2023.2.1?


I am using CLion 2023.2.1


Please file a bug at and attach the logs (Help | Collect Logs and Diagnostic Data).


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