Webstorm deliberately blocks c/c++ files

I think it's because of CLion. But this is a terrible strategy. A directory may contain multiple projects and various types of files, and I want to be able to view all the files in the directory in one editor instead of using multiple editors. You shouldn't cut out the simple functionality that Webstrom should have just to support another editor. Instead of adding another editor, it makes me want to give up what I have now. Because one editor is sufficient in this case, multiple editors will only cause unnecessary trouble.

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Please could you elaborate on the issue?

Note that CLion includes the same features for Javascript development available out of the box as Webstorm. So, if you don't need the IDE focused on JavaScript only, and also need the advanced support for C++, you don't have to purchase both WebStorm and CLion as the latter includes all Webstorm stuff. No need to pay twice


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