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hey folks,


we are here the people who do development a lot and consider it a significant part of our living routine. it brings us joy, future and money and we depend on it.

if you ever considered yourself locked out from doing something you want just because it happened this way, then we are on the same boat. at some point there was a bug introduced when Goland was just not starting and hanging on the splash screen and it was a terrible experience as nothing was there to help. it just didn't start. after some efforts it started working, but when this happened again, the only screens still accessible were preferences and updates. it still didn't start. but no updates (sad) and nothing to change settings for. it was as desperate as to start googling and finding that this bug happens to people on all the platforms and somehow related to this new ui. being a big fan of it because it's really sleek.

so long story short it was found that through preferences new ui could be disabled and Goland starts working after restart. it was pretty naive to turn it back on so this happened again really soon. a few more iterations after, it was somehow helpful and enjoying being lucky to find such an elegant way to tackle this issue with ease.

but nobody knew where it was going. from time to time it was just not possible to handle this trick and it was always so easy for the attention to switch to some sheets or even videos instead of meditating on the code. even this small thing could disrupt that thin line between want to and have to in our daily routine.

the day new update was released could have been this great day, but it failed. nothing changed.

now this post is being written here instead of storytelling in the sources and it is to encourage another ones reading this to share if they also have had that kind of experience in the past and if there is anything we can be helpful with to get back to being happy writing our code not watching the videos.

please share your thoughts.



Sorry for the inconvenience.

May I ask you to reproduce the issue, collect the IDE logs (Help | Collect Logs and Diagnostic Data), upload it to https://uploads.jetbrains.com/ and provide an ID?


hey, thanks for asking



1. turn on i9 macbook 2019

2. run Goland with new ui turned on

3. reboot your laptop

4. run Goland and see splashscreen hangs


5. open preferences

6. turn off new ui

7. reboot Goland

8. it works now.


this works for me and is 100% reproducible as for now


I cannot reproduce it with the same steps, can you please share the IDE logs so I'll investigate further?


try doing the same with projects on separate volumes that are disconnected on system startup, like



Could you please upload the logs that I provided in the initial message?

Most likely, I understand the scope of the problem but I'd like to make sure that you have the same exception in the logs.


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