Adding multiple carets in WebStorm doesn't work like in PhpStorm

“To add or remove multiple carets, you can also press and hold the /Alt key, then click to add a new caret. You can also make a multiple selection by holding Shift+Alt and dragging the caret.”

In PhpStorm it's much simpler: just have to press Ctrl and up/down arrows. In WebStorm Ctrl and up/down arrows scroll up/down the opened file by one line. The only way to create multiple carets in Webstorm is by holding simultaneously Alt+Shift and selecting lines by mouse click (!). I want creating multiple carets to work in WebStorm just like in PhpStorm (Ctrl + up/down arrows). Where do I change that?


I've meant that the default controls are different. It's a bit annoying when switching from one IDE to the other.
But it's all good, after reassigning the hotkeys for cloning the carets above/below it works as expected, thanks.


You must have different keymaps chosed in PhpStorm and WebStorm; default key mappings are the same in both IDEs


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