copy all errors to clipboard from a certain file from the problems tab

in the middle of a migration project, and as a result lots of errors, which is okay we just need to fix them
but it would be handy to be able in the problem tab, click a file there and copy all errors to the clipboard.
I go row by row which is quite tedious.

Another thing perhaps is that like in the project map one can sync the project folder focus on the active file to have that as well for the problems tab

well i still got to fix 650 problems to fix so not going to make it a long story, i just can imagine other people like me in the same situation would like to see such improvements.


no that would only give me 1 error i'm working on a large number of errors  3 digits of errors so i want that list so i can get a bit better overview, and perhaps even analyse my data etc.

Please feel free to create a new feature request here: We’ll see if it can be implemented.

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