Start multiple Webstorm (and other IDEs) from CLI without being prompted for "this/new window"

– On linux:

So, I often start working on a project in which I typically have three - or four - IDEs running – C++, two WebStorm and frequently, DataGrip.   Getting everything running tends to be tedious, so I was hoping to script loading all of the IDEs.

I found the regular command structure, but the thing stopping me is that when I load a second Webstorm project, Webstorm will instead prompt me for where to run it, eg new window, this window, attach, etc.

I know I can attach two projects to the same instance but I find that confusing, I prefer separating the processes into two windows I can alt-tab between.

Is there a flag to tell Webstorm to specifically load a project in a new window?



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