How to add source paths while debugging Java tests in IntelliJ Community Edition



I am new to IntelliJ. I have installed the CE on a mac. I am debugging some Java tests and would like to step into the source code in a dependency. For this, I have manually downloaded the source code of the dependency but I understand I also need to add it to the sourcePath. basically I am looking for the equivalent of this setting in vs code:

  • sourcePaths: Specify the extra source paths when debugging the tests.

I tried searching online but couldn't figure it out. I am also hesitant to play around and make changes I don't understand for fear of messing up the system as I am new to it. Can someone help me out? thanks.


Hi. You can enable the option to “Modify classpath” in the run configuration settings, and then add the necessary libraries in the area that appears at the bottom:

For more information on each option, see


thanks for the answer. somehow this did not work for me. there is another workaround i found though. when i tried to step into the code of a dependency, intellij decompiled the class files and showed me the decompiled code. it also showed me a button labelled choose sources… or something like that. i was able to add source paths using that button.


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