webstorm project problem overview not recognizing errors in html variable usage.

i'm upgrading an older version of a code base to use new angular syntax, i was under the impression i was doing fine 
however the tab problems, showing project errors does not seem to include html page errors
When i click on the html file it gets shown at problems for this file (that works), but html files seem excluded on the overview of project errors its only showing typescript files.
So for example 
[form]="form.controls[item.key].controls[i]"   //Unresolved variable controls

I didnt think webstorm would hide html errors with angular is there a way to turn that behaviour on off ?
As when it is off i can not make an estimate my work time on this prj.

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The Project Errors tab of the Problems tool window only shows the errors reported by the Typescript compiler service. To see the errors in HTML files, you have to either open these files or run Code > Inspect code. See https://www.jetbrains.com/help/webstorm/2022.3/running-inspections.html#run-all-inspections


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