Is it possible to provide an Application Context when deploying war files


We have a project that contains multiple test applications. For ease of use, we are deploying them with the application context /ajax.

So when I create a “run configuration” for tomcat, I add the artifact and then have to manually specify the “Application Context” to “/ajax”, because the project name/file name of the war file is quite long (think “” long) and the suggestion of the application context is “/Gradle___com_company_testapps_java_gen2___com_company_testapps_java_gen2_0_13_0_90000101_000000_war__exploded_”
I found, which talks about using the file name as the default value there (and that is working fine), but I DON'T want that, I would like to specify that somehow.

I had a look at what IntelliJ IDEA does, when I set up the run configuration:

  • It creates a folder “C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Local\JetBrains\IntelliJIdea2023.2\tomcat\9213406f-1f0f-41fc-9747-3ee75228aa93\conf\Catalina\localhost”
  • It creates an xml file in this folder with the name shown above
  • The xml file contains <Context path="

Is there a way to make IntelliJ use a specified Application context by adding a file to the project or updating the gradle build somehow? (without renaming the war file, since we have multiple projects that would have the same name then)


Hello, Simon!

This appears to be a known issue described in IDEA-222248, make sure to upvote it to raise its' priority for the developers.


Thanks, that is exactly it!


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