using 'command + c ' shortcut to cope "/" from intellj, and the terminal in local show up automatically


I dont what wrong with my intellj and clion. this situation happen in all IDE from jetbrains.

The question is:

when I select comment("/") in IDE and using 'command + c' shortcut to copy the comment("/"), the local terminal show up without doing anything everytime.


Are you able to reproduce the problem after disabling all of the non-bundled plugins and restarting the IDE? Preferences | Plugins | ⚙ | Disable all downloaded plugins

In the Keymap settings in the IDE, is Ctr+С mapped to any action other that “Copy” for the Terminal?


I have try your ways and it do not work either

Do you mean the system terminal opens outside of the IDE? Or the Terminal window inside the IDE?

Please provide the contents of your 'Help | About' window.

I mean the system terminal!

but I already fix that! thanks for you help!

the reason why I had this problem is because I do some chage in  here(see below)

there has some shortcut that can open terminal auto in system(mac), its dose not matter about map key and intellj! 

Thanks for you reply and patien!


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