How to turn off annotations in RustRover plugin?


I'm using CLion. I just installed the RustRover plugin because the previous Rust plugin was deprecated.

The system now shows these very irritating version control annotations above each function in the source code, and the View menu does not provide a way to turn them off as it should. 

How do I get rid of the annotations?





Do you mean these annotations If yes, you can right-click the gutter in the editor and select Close Annotations from the context menu. If no, please provide a screenshot showing annotations. 


I don't mean the gutter. I mean the light gray annotations above functions in the source code itself. For example, I see “ccleve” (my username) above every function in the code I'm working on. 

If I wrote the entire module, I don't need to see my name everywhere.



Does disabling “Code author” in File | Settings | Editor | Inlay Hints | Code vision help?


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