Intellij does not recognize maven projects


I have a problem when working in maven projects, when I open a project sometimes intellij does not recognize the project and does not show it in the project browser, at other times if it recognizes it but suddenly it indexes and the project disappears showing in the maven window the following message "there are no maven projects to display".

Another problem is the following, if the case that intellij recognizes the project if I change screen and return to intellij the project disappears and sometimes reappears but it is impossible to work like this.

I tried to solve it by deleting the intellij cache, uninstalling the ide 3 times and installing it again, trying several versions, installing maven in my machine, deleting the .ide of the project and recreating it but nothing works.

Video showing the problem here


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Based on the logs, you have provided, it appears that the issue might be caused by third-party interference.

There is a number of "Operation not permitted" errors, referring to the folder, where your Project is stored.

This also might be caused by the OS itself. Please check of IDEA (and Maven/Gradle) have “Full Disk Access” permission.


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