UndoRefactoringElementListener.undoElementMovedOrRenamed is not called on undo of a file move


I implement RefactoringElementListenerProvider to listen to rename and move of a file or a directory within the opened project.

The steps:

  • Select a file and move it to a folder by dragging it with mouse
  • RefactoringElementAdapter.elementRenamedOrMoved is called
  • Press Ctrl+Z to undo the move and confirm in the Undo dialog
  • UndoRefactoringElementListener.undoElementMovedOrRenamed is not called

Why RefactoringElementAdapter.elementRenamedOrMoved work on a file move, but UndoRefactoringElementListener.undoElementMovedOrRenamed doesn't work on undo the file move?


Hi Maksim,

It's hard to help without more details. I suggest finding usages of UndoRefactoringElementListener.undoElementMovedOrRenamed in the platform code and setting breakpoints around to find out why it is not called in your context. If this approach doesn't work for you, please provide a minimum reproducible plugin example, test project and detailed steps to reproduce.


Hi Karol,

I did try to debug the code before posting the question here. Unfortunately, the code is pretty complicated, I thought maybe here I get an answer earlier, because the cause may be the design.

Here is a repo with the minimal plugin implementing the whole thing, see https://github.com/KMax/undoElementMovedOrRenamed-not-called-on-undo-file-move.

The steps to reproduce the issue:

  • Run the plugin locally
  • Open an existing or create a new project
  • Create a folder and a file on the same level of the hierarchy
  • Rename the file, you should see in the logs:

elementRenamedOrMoved: PsiFile(plain text):<file name>

  • Press Ctrl+Z to undo the rename, you should see in the logs:

undoElementMovedOrRenamed: PsiFile(plain text):<file name>, …

  • At this point, you can observe that the rename of a file and its undo works as expected. Now let's move the file and undo the move.
  • Select the file in the project sidebar and drag it into the folder, you should see in the logs:

elementRenamedOrMoved: PsiFile(plain text):<file name>

  • Press Ctrl+Z to undo the move and confirm the action, you won't see anything in the logs, because undoElementMovedOrRenamed is not called, although I expect it to be called as in the case of rename.

I guess, the cause is somewhere in MoveFilesOrDirectoriesProcessor. RenameProcess, which is also a subclass of BaseRefactoringProcessor, calls RenameUtil.registerUndoableRename, but MoveFilesOrDirectoriesProcessor doesn't seem to have a similar call.



Okay, after more debugging, my conclusion is that MoveFilesOrDirectoriesProcessor (or any other processor which would handle the move refactoring) does not create an UndoableAction which would call undoElementMovedOrRenamed method.

I opened a bug report, see https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/IDEA-333312/MoveFilesOrDirectoriesProcessor-does-not-call-undoElementMovedOrRenamed.


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