Stop Uninstall PyCharm popups

How do I stop annoying Uninstall PyCharm popups every time I start my Windows 11 laptop?

Had PyCharm Community installed. Then, purchased the Professional Version.

While not a National Crisis, feels cheesy. Not what I expect from JetBrain products.


Thanks in advance.



This is quite an unusual problem. Please do Windows + R, enter shell:startup , and check if there is a link to the PyCharm uninstaller. If it is there, please remove it and check if the problem persists.


Hello Daniil…  Appreciate the response. The she:startup folder only has a desktop.ini file. No reference to PyCharm. 

For the record, I initially installed the community edition of PyCharm, but shortly thereafter uninstalled, and then installed the professional version. The messages started popping up after that.

Please advise and thanks!


Could you please take a screenshot of this uninstaller popup and post it here?

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