Boolean types... confussion

Hello everyone :) I'm pretty new in Python (and I'm also trying to learn basic things by myself) and I'm trying to understand the boolean types, I have this example: 

command = ""
started = False
stopped = False
while True:
    command = input("> ").lower()
    if command == "start":
        if started:
            print("Car is already started")
            print("Car started... ready to go!")
    elif command == "stop":
        if stopped:
            print("Car is already stopped")
            print("Car stopped... ")
    elif command == "help":
start - to start the car
stop - to stop the car
quit - to quit
        """) #cuando usamos 3 comillas se ejecutan tambien los espacios que haya, así que hay que borrarlos
    elif command == "quit":
        print("Sorry, I don't understand that!")


But I still don't understand when I need to use True and when False, if someone can explain it with very simple words I'll be very thankful.


Thanks!!! :D


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