Remote development via SSH

I want to access files on a remote server. 
I have setup ssh connection and my connection works. 
Terminal in PS works.

So far so good.

I create a project

File > Remote Development > SSH
Connection: ssh connection I just created

I Click on "Check connection and Continue" button and PS progress starts.

Dialog shows;


The Host Doesn't Meet the Minimal Requirements

The SSH port forwarding check failed. A client might not be able to connect to the remote backend. It could be due to some configurations such as the SSH server configuration or firewall rules. Proceeding further may lead to the poor performance of the IDE. This configuration is not supported, and we are unable to provide assistance with any issues that may occur.

See minimal requirements for more information.


I click on "Continue Anyway"

"Choose IDE and Project" dialog shows.

It's possible to browse remote server and set "Project director".

I Click on "Download IDE and Connect" button

"The Host Doesn't Meet the Minimal Requirements" dialog shows again.

I don't want to install/config anything on the remote server I just want to edit some files on a remote server.


The Remote Development is a feature that basically runs the entire IDE on the SSH server with only a thin client running locally.

The IntelliJ platform doesn't really support working with remote sources directly.
What you need to do is to create an empty project locally, configure a deployment configuration that would copy the sources from the remote location and back, and then work on this local project instead.


There is always luck, contact me If you need help to set up remote development :-)


Please let me know Markom.


Hi Jarven,

Did you enable port forwarding in the remote server /etc/ssh/sshd_config? (reference / google: ssh port forwarding phpstorm)


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