PhpStorm Docker Bind Mounts Not Working

I have php storm up to connect to a remote docker socket, i'm using the latest version of phpstorm which allows me to do this via a direct ssh connection.

Everything works apart from the bind mounts, i have a mount set up from my local machine, let's say /Users/myname/Projects/test to the docker path /var/test , when i launch the container no files show from my local machine, the folder is empty


Sadly, PHP interpreters through SSH don't work. We should have filtered them out a long time ago: IDEA-272627
There is a chance that it will be supported in 2023.3, but it's not for sure yet: WI-64708


Sorry logged into a different google account but I wasn’t talking about php interpreters I was talking about Docker bind mounts.

I actually figured out the issue, I am connecting over ssh to Docker service in php storm and I was mounting a local folder rather than a remote folder to the container, so solution was to mount the remote path to the container and use auto upload in php storm to edit files and put them on the remote server and in turn into the container 


Oh. Sorry, being a support engineer, it's easy to over-optimize your reading.
Thank you for sharing your findings!


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