Goland: Every few seconds the code expands


Hello everyone

On MacOS and Goland, my GO code auto expands every few seconds.

It is so annoying, it interrupts my focus and sometimes I work accidentally in another function due to the suddenly expanded code.

This issue is recognised as a bug. The ticket were closed and I were relayed to another (older ticket) that has only a “normal” priority. Sad part to me is, that the ticket is more than 5 months old.

However, this issue is in my opinion so intense, that I can not use the IDE (that I paid for).

It doesn't matter if I the latest stable version or the current EAP. How is it possible, that this problem has not a high prio? 

Has anyone else worked with fully collapsed code … it's pita..


Hi Stephan,

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Could you please try to disable Reformat Code and Optimize Imports in Settings | Tools | Actions on Save?


Hello Daniil 

This did the trick. No freaky auto expand, such a relief.


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