Dependency not copied to CMAKE_RUNTIME_OUTPUT_DIRECTORY - CMake w/vcpkg manifest mode

I have  CMake project with multiple external dependencies which are being managed using vcpkg in manifest mode - the dependencies are specified in a vcpkg.json file located in the same directory as the root CMakeLists.txt file and the toolchain file set to <vcpkg_install_dir>\scripts\buildsystems\vcpkg.cmake

On a successful build, all the external dependencies' DLLs and the projects executables and DLLs are present in the CMAKE_RUNTIME_OUTPUT_DIRECTORY for the type of build, except one. This dependency is correctly built and present in the CMAKE_RUNTIME_OUTPUT_DIRECTORY\vcpkg_installed\bin folder (as are the other 3rd party dependencies). 

What could be prevent this library from being copied over? 

In the same environment and the project when built with VSCode correctly copies over all the dependencies' binaries to the CMAKE_RUNTIME_OUTPUT_DIRECTORY. What am I missing that when built from CLion, the binary is not copied over?



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Could you please share the build output of CLion (the contents of "CMake" and "Messages" tool window), and VSCode? Please send it to clion-support at


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