SCSS - @use treat .scss file as .ts file

This is an interesting problem. For some time PHPStorm thinks that is using .ts file as a module in .scss file which is wrong.

IDE cannot help to with variable autocompletion etc.



Unfortunately, I couldn't reproduce this issue.

Is color.scss recognized as a SCSS file? Is there a TS file with the same name? Does it happen with other SCSS files as well?

A sample project showing this problem would be very helpful.


Thx for the answer Oksana!

Yes color.scss is recognized as scss in build and it is good.

We have files with similar names like
- _color.scss and color.ts
And IDE cannot catch the proper file and showing .ts file in use - so i don't have autocompletion 

If i use file like _transition.scss which has no equivalent .ts file everything is ok
If i would add full name of file with extension to @use then all it is ok


Thank you for the details! Unfortunately, I couldn't reproduce it in 2023.2.4 and 2023.3 EAP. Could you please provide a sample project where it can be reproduced?


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