How to disable plugin updates for individual plugins only?


Hi everyone,

for various reasons I need to use exactly one version of some special plugin, while newer versions for that are released regularly. IntelliJ informs me about those updates and from time to time I simply forget that I must not update this one plugin and am wrongly triggering updates instead. Additionally, in case multiple plugins can be updated, I sometimes update all of them an again forget that I must not do so for the one special plugin.

Is there any way to disable updates for individual plugins?

I want to keep automatic update checks for all plugins, the plugin itself must not be disabled etc. It's really only about helping me not doing something stupid over and over again. ;-) If updated, I need to uninstall the newer version of the plugin and install an older one from disk. Though, at some point IntelliJ informs me about the update again.


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Looks like it is not yet implemented but here is a related feature request IDEA-321378 Feel free to upvote/comment on it


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