PhpStorm closes file opened from Downloaded folder


Each time I open a file from the Downloads folder, PhpStorm closes it after a few seconds



Upload id: 2023_10_27_25S1VRFd8N3N3d8AWwGapp (file:

How to fix this issue please?

PhpStorm 2023.3 EAP
Build #PS-233.9802.11, built on October 12, 2023
Licensed to PhpStorm EAP user: -------------
Expiration date: November 11, 2023
Runtime version: aarch64
VM: OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM by JetBrains s.r.o.
macOS 14.1
GC: G1 Young Generation, G1 Old Generation
Memory: 2048M
Cores: 12
Metal Rendering is ON
Non-Bundled Plugins:
 net.prestalife.svirtual (1.3.6)
 com.github.copilot (
 ru.adelf.idea.dotenv (2023.3)
 AceJump (3.8.16)
 dev.blachut.svelte.lang (233.9802.6)

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Here's what I see in the logs:

2023-10-26 20:15:03,905 [26210602]   WARN - #c.i.o.v.i.l.LocalFileSystemBase - /Users/username/Downloads: Operation not permitted
java.nio.file.FileSystemException: /Users/username/Downloads: Operation not permitted

Could you please share the output of the ls -la ~/Downloads command?


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