Can't step into functions at all


If I've stopped on a function call, and I click on “Step Into," it never works.  I step over instead.

It isn't just library functions, or some troublesome module - “Step Into” never works, even on my own code.

I can set a break point at, say, the first line of the target function, and control will stop there, but this is becoming very tedious.

Notably, “Step Out” works just fine.

I'm using CLion on Windows and LLDB to debug code compiled by VS2022 MSVC.  In the past, this has worked with no problem.

We did switch to VS2022 not long ago, and it's conceivable to me that's part of the problem - but I'm skeptical.

The code and the binary do match - that is not my problem.

If you've seen this problem before, or have some likely things to check, please let me know (but skip the “unplug it and wait 10 seconds” responses - I'm way past that).


CLion 2023.2.2
Build #CL-232.9921.42, built on September 12, 2023
Licensed to Patrick Turley
Subscription is active until February 8, 2024.
Runtime version: 17.0.8+7-b1000.22 amd64
VM: OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM by JetBrains s.r.o.
Windows 10.0
GC: G1 Young Generation, G1 Old Generation
Memory: 8192M
Cores: 32

Non-Bundled Plugins:
   org.editorconfig.editorconfigjetbrains (232.9921.30)
   PlantUML integration (7.3.0-IJ2023.2)
   idea.plugin.protoeditor (232.9559.10)
   org.mvnsearch.jetbrains.plugins.rsocket-jetbrains-plugin (0.16.0)
   com.tang (1.4.8-IDEA231) (232.9826)
   org.sonarlint.idea (



Please enable debugger logging as described here, reproduce the issue, and send the resulting idea.log file (`Help | Show Log in ...`) to clion-support at so that we can take a look. Do not forget to disable debug logging after that. Note that logs might contain private user information (like file paths and names). 

Please also send a screenshot of the toolchain (File | Settings | Build, Execution, Deployment | Toolchains) and, if it's a CMake project, a screenshot of the CMake profile (File | Settings | Build, Execution, Deployment | CMake).


I've reproduced the problem and sent an e-mail with the log. Please let me know if there's anything further I can send.


Oops - Anna, I missed your instructions for those screen shots (perhaps you added them later so I didn't get a notification, or maybe I just overlooked them).  In any case, I've sent an e-mail with the screen shots as instructed.


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