Debug JavaScript in Chrome

Hi Support team,

I am getting these messages and also get error from IDE that connection times out. In sum, debugging session launches a new browser but not able to connect to the local web server. I would like to use one IDE for all different language or framework I use. Please advise.

2023-11-04 08:35:49,111 [2073660]   WARN - #c.j.d.w.ChromeLocalVmConnection - Chrome debug port changed from 33995 to 46577.
2023-11-04 08:39:31,258 [2295807]   WARN - #c.j.d.w.ChromeLocalVmConnection - Chrome debug port changed from 46577 to 38631.
2023-11-04 08:52:16,054 [3060603]   WARN - #c.i.j.d.c.j.JCEFConsoleHtmlPanel - Failed to load http://localhost:63342/a03365f2-eea1-451a-ad19-6dae9187a990/frontend/console.html?internal=false

Many thanks


It's hard to tell what might be an issue without more details. Could you please record a video showing your run configuration, the steps you take, and current results? Then provide the video and logs (Help > Collect logs and diagnostic data).

You can upload them to and let me know the upload ID.



I have updated Clion in the hope it may fix the issue and but didn't. This time, have tried React app,,  and believe that it shows the same problem; not able to conenct to the debug port. 

Please find the attached video but not logs since when followed the menu above, it makes folders under /tmp but not sure which one is the right out to upload. 

Upload ID: 2023_11_08_ReoCVuvh1sdVjB5t4W2F1G (file: Screencast from 08-11-23 19:00:52.webm)

Hope this helps to see the problem.



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