NXP development on Clion


I spent some time trying to use CLion for my LPC845 mcu until I finally did it, it might work for any NXP mcu, with some modifications. I want to share this information to the community.

Project repo where there is a step by step tutorial: https://github.com/AgustinOrdonez/LPC-on-Clion

Information about this example:

LPC845 comes on a board with a CMSIS-DAP debug and VCOM port. With NXP's LinkServer you can connect to CMSIS-DAP and either load the program or debug it.

In this example there is a super simple blink example on the integrated LED which comes with the board

Project setup:
I started makeing a bare bones project in MCUXpresso IDE(NXP's based on eclipse IDE) and watched the definitions and compiler and linker flags.
Then I downloaded this CMakeLists.txt for cortex-m processors and modified it with the information I got from MCUXpresso.
I then went to NXP's SDK builder and created a “ARM GCC / MCUXpresso for VS Code” SDK for my board and OS. I then proceeded to download an example project and copied all the files my project has on “firmware” and added the linker script for my configuration, I had to add some definitions in CMakiLists.txt for a header that was asking CPU. I also downloaded the .sdv file from the complete SKD download.
Now that the project should be ready to be compiled, once done that I proceeded to configure flashing and deugging with LinkServer from NXP following this post.

Hope someone finds this useful!


It was a mistake, I changed repo's name, now I fixed the url



Thanks for the post! It seems that the repo is private. Could you please check?


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