IdeaVim ctrl hjkl to move between tool windows


I want to replicate the popular vim plugin which let's you use ctrl hjkl to move between panes and vim.


For example say I have the following 3 pane set up in IntelliJ where I am located at Editor tab 2.

project file explorer | Editor tab 1 | Editor tab 2 *

If I tap <C-h> I want to focus on editor tab 1, and then if I hit it again I want to focus on project file explorer.


I can achieve my first need by mapping <C-h> to <C-w>h via IdeaVim. But this won't solve problem 2. IntelliJ has Focus next window and Focus previous window which could work, but it doesn't let me know what direction the next tool window is located.


I tried solving this using Hammerspoon but not all windows are shown if I am focused on a certain window. 


So how would I implement what I want? Or is there a way to just focus the next tool window open on the left / right / up / down


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Feel free to create feature request on YouTrack:


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