Can't uninstall Community Edition


When trying to uninstall the IntelliJ Idea Community Edition, I'm running into a weird problem.

The uninstaller reports not to have found the installation folder “probably because it was removed from there”.

But it wasn't, and if I try to start the uninstaller in the bin folder it says exactly the same.

This is happening on a Windows 10 installation, and I'm a bit puzzled by now … anyone got a solution? Thanks in advance.


Oen999 Can you provide a screenshot of the problem?


Hi Jacky,

I include a screenshot, show what happens when I try to start Uninstall.exe in the bin subfolder.

Exactly the same happens when I start Uninstall from the Control Panel, Programs section.

Hope this is good enough … any help is appreciated!



It seems that you are affected by this issue:

Workaround 1 (caused by IDEA-330313)

  1. Create an empty file named IdeaWin64.dll in <IDE_Installation_folder>/bin (where uninstall.exe is located)
  2. Then click uninstall.exe to uninstall it.

Workaround 2 (if workaround 1 doesn't help)

Remove 3 folders manually:

  • Installation folder (where uninstall.exe is located)
  • Caches folder (C:\Users\yourname\AppData\Local\JetBrains\IdeaIC2023.2)
  • Options folder (C:\Users\yourname\AppData\Roaming\JetBrains\IdeaIC2023.2)

Remove the registry key per Microsoft article to get rid of the program in the "Installed programs" list

More info about directories used by the IDE:


Please tell me if it helps.


Hi Jacky,

Your proposed Workaround #1 worked like a charm: it deleted virtually everything.

Whatever remained was no problem, I could easily get rid of that … and now I'm ready for a fresh install.

Thanks for your help, it's much appreciated!




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