Jetbrains equivalent of Vim tabs


I was wondering if there is an equivalent of vim tabs that I can use within IntelliJ products for context:


In vim:

- A tab has 1 or more windows (where we have many tabs)

- A window can have multiple panes which have a file open


So in IntelliJ I want a tab 1 that has file A and file B open in a vertical split view, and I want to change to tab 2 which might have file C and file D open and tab 3 has my differential view of all git changed files.


Is this possible?

Official comment

Unfortunately, this isn't something that could be solved by IdeaVim - the way the IDE handles tabs and splits belongs to the IDE, and it's not possible to completely replace this.

The closest you can get is to disable tabs in the IDE's editor settings. 

In Vim, the structure is tabs, each of which can contain a screen, which can be split into one or more windows, and windows are a view on a buffer. 

In the IDE, all we have are editors and documents. An editor is the equivalent of a Vim window, and is a view on a document, which can be considered like a Vim buffer. Tabs in the IDE are really just “handles” on an editor. If we hide tabs, then it appears like there is only one window, and switching IDE tabs is switching the buffer in the current window. Splitting tabs is then like splitting windows in Vim (although without the tab's UI “handle” to grab with the mouse, this is a little harder to achieve). However, there is only one “screen” - this scenario does not give us Vim's tab pages, and there is no way for IdeaVim to provide this.

I'm not sure I understand what feature you are looking for. In WebStorm, you can split editor tabs vertically/horizontally so that you have multiple files opened in one tab in a split view. Please see

I know about having a single editor tab with a split containing multiple open files, which I've been using as my goto for Webstorm.


But what I am after is having more than one split tab. For example, see the below vim example where I have 1 tab with 2 files open via a split view, and then in my second tab I have a single file open.


Is the below possible? Or can we open a feature request for this



It's possible to split down, and then split right - so you'll have 3 splits.


Josh Piper1505 

  1. Editor area can have multiple split areas (splits), each can have one or more tabs.
  2. You cannot have splits inside the tab.

Here is an example: Selecting tab named “1.php” in the top split (Split #1) will simply make that tab active in that split – it will NOT hide other splits (as I understand you want to have this sort of behaviour, based on your last screenshot).

In other words: splits are primary, tabs are secondary. And you want other way round (as I understand).


Yup that's what I'm after Andriy Bazanov , I might make an ideavim feature request for this Yaroslav Bedrov 


I just started using Intellij - coming from Neovim.  Was looking for this as well. 


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