devContainer support?


I'm a little confused. I'm specifically tried this in goland but i would assume it applies to any of your IDEs. I'm running the current version of goland (GoLand 2023.2.4
Build #GO-232.10203.20, built on October 27, 2023)
I have the devContainer plugin installed

I go to the devContainer.json file and click the “Create Dev Container & Mount Sources” & it immediately fails for me:

I am able to run it fine in vscode. Is your devContainer implementation incomplete or am i doing something wrong? I would assume the implementation of devContainers between your IDEs & VSCode wouldn't be incompatible?





Could you please try out the Beta version to see if it helps?


Thank you and thank you for your response. Is EAP considered to be beta? If so i have tried it. I didn't get the same error but another error.  With the current version i get the following error now: "workspaceFolder` requires `workspaceMount` be set" with EAP (2023.3) i get an entirely different error:

Cannot construct instance of `com.intellij.docker.agent.devcontainers.feautures.DevcontainerFeature$FeatureRef`, problem: Invalid feature reference, should contain at least registry/path/id

at [Source: (String)"{

"name": "Bacon",

"id": "bacon",

"version": "0.0.9",

"description": "A feature to install bacon",

"options": {


"installsAfter": [





"; line: 10, column: 9] (through reference chain: com.intellij.docker.agent.devcontainers.feautures.DevcontainerFeature$FeatureConfig["installsAfter"]->java.util.ArrayList[1])




Could you please share your devContainer.json or project example?


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