Restoring the workspace when git check made outside the PhpStorm?


PhpStorm provides a very useful feature of the restoring the (branch related) workspace after a branch switch. Example:

I'm working on the btanch `foo`, need switch to the branch `bar`, in order to fix an urgent bug there, and, when I switch back to the branch `foo`, the set of the opened files gets restored, so I can continue working, where I stopped.

But: That seems ony to work, if the switch is made in / by the IDE. The workspace is not restored, if I run `git checkout` outside. (And sometimes it's needed, e.g. when working on a feature in multiple related microservices, and it's easier to switch the branch in all of them via bash script.)

Is it possible to make the IDE respect `git checkout`s made outside it and restore the workspace then?



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