Github Copilot Chat for Copilot Organization Plan

Hi, I've granted my access to Github Copilot through the Organization plan from my org. The setting for “GitHub Copilot Chat for IDEs” of the organization is already enabled but I cannot use my GitHub Copilot Chat in my PyCharm IDE and the IDE tells me to get the access from the Jetbrains Waitlist (which I cannot directly join since I got my Copilot from Copilot Organization). Does enabling GitHub Copilot Chat in Organization settings automatically join the waitlist for Jetbrains IDE? or do I need to do anything else in order to get the access to the Private Beta?

Github Copilot plugin is a 3rd party tool developed by Github itself and is not affiliated with JetBrains, and we are not providing waitlists for 3rd party services.
Did you mean the JetBrains AI Assistant waitlist, by chance? Could you please take screenshots of this waitlist and post them here?

Here's the screenshot. Thank you.


cannot even see that “Github Copilot chat” on my IntelliJ.

I also have been granted access to GitHub Copilot Chat beta through my organization.


Unable to use the new copilot chat, our enterprise has the beta enabled as well.

This is a part of the GitHub Copilot plugin, and as it states from the About message, all the access control is carried out by a GitHub. Please report this problem directly on GitHub:

I think I will switch over to visual studio code as it supports copilot chat 


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