adding icon in my plugins window which has two actions like the default settings gear icon


I want add the  settings option the ui of my plugin. I have used ToolWindowFactory this for the showing the UI. Please tell how to add menu like the default settings menu of my Window factory has. I want to add two actions in my ui icon. I tried using toolWindow.setTitleActions(List.of()) but this would set the icons side by side. I want one icon independent and other icon should have two actions options.


          I have used the following code but  it is coming in the default gear icon (i.e. another option called attached side is there which then has two options ) but i want my plugin to have some thing default setting which then has two icons. 

DefaultActionGroup attachedSide = DefaultActionGroup.createPopupGroup(() -> "Attached Side");
           attachedSide.add(new Action1();
           attachedSide.add(new Action2(TITLE,DESC, AllIcons.General.Gear));
           toolWindow.setAdditionalGearActions(new DefaultActionGroup(attachedSide));


Sorry I don't understand fully what you want to achieve. Please provide a screenshot with current result and highlight wanted changes.


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