How to make UI changes globally, not just per-project


Hi everyone,

I'm new to IntelliJ and have been trying to customize the UI to my liking (moving stuff around on the toolbars, mostly), but I can't figure out how to make those changes apply to all projects.

Any help on that would be much appreciated.  Thanks!


Probably, you look for `Window | Layouts | Save changes in current layout`


Thank you for the response but unfortunately that doesn't work for other projects, only the current one.  Does anyone else have any suggestions?  I feel like I must be missing something obvious because this seems like such basic functionality.


Sorry for the slow responses, and thank you so much for the video!  I really appreciate that.  If I'm not mistaken though, aren't you running into the same issue?

After applying the saved layout from HelloWorld (which has the buttons) to HelloWorld3 (where you removed the buttons), the buttons didn't show back up on HelloWorld3.  I believe the only thing that changed as a result of that was the commit window showing up?  I'm not seeing that it's impacting the toolbars at all.


Looks like a bug to me. I've just ran into the same issue when trying the same thing. There's a workaround, though: if you somehow change the state of the tool window (e.g. just show and hide it) before saving a layout, then it's saved correctly and its button is properly restored subsequently (except for a few tool windows like Run/Debug, which is a known issue). So you can just click every button a couple of times, then save the layout and then it works.

Nadia, could you file a ticket for this, please? My guess would be that if a certain tool window never changed its state, then its state is not saved at all in the layout.


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