I'd like to adjust the CLion (Nova) inlay font


Here's an example of some code I'm looking at, and the inlay CLion Nova shows:



I would like to adjust the inlay font but, after digging around in the settings quite a bit, I can't find anything.

I can understand that, if we're enabled to adjust every dang font in CLion, it might turn out to be a settings nightmare.  Also, changing the inlay font isn't hugely important - but I thought I'd ask.

Is there a way to adjust the inlay font that I didn't find?  Can there be a way to do that?  Would it be reasonable for me to submit a feature request?


I've just now discovered that CLion does have:

  • Settings → Editor → General → Appearance → Use  editor font for inlay hints

That certainly is a bit of control, but isn't flexible enough that I would decide to use it.

At this writing, CLion Nova seems to lack this setting.




Feel free to comment or upvote  IDEA-235684. See https://intellij-support.jetbrains.com/hc/en-us/articles/207241135-How-to-follow-YouTrack-issues-and-receive-notifications if you are not familiar with YouTrack.

At this writing, CLion Nova seems to lack this setting.

For me, this setting is present in CLion Nove Preview 2 (build 233.12287).


Ah! Thank you for finding that for me.  I have upvoted it.


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