Quick List keyboard shortcuts in all popups


Hi! I found a feature that I would like to have and thought that I would make a plugin that solves it. I have looked at the documentation but I'm not sure if what I'm trying to do is possible with plugins.

In Quick lists the entries are given the numbers 0-9 as shortcuts as shown to the left of each row. My goal with my plugin was to add these 0-9 shortcuts to the elements in all popups as well as use A-Z as keyboard shortcuts. Below is an example Quick List and a mockup of what I want my plugin to do. Is this possible to do with plugins? I'm thinking it should be done with Extensions somehow but not sure where to start..




It is not possible to achieve this. Plugins who want to have accelerator keys in this place must explicitly make a choice in their code.


Aw, that's too bad :(

But thanks for the quick response!


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