Refactor rename only in current project


When refactoring renaming variables or functions in a C++ project I sometimes noticed that this would scan for EVERY occurrence of the name, even in library files, documentation htmls et cetera. Coming from a C# background, I would expect that this would only refactor the actual usages of the function or variable, not ALL plain occurrences of the name. 

I can understand that this is also meant to update occurrences in comments, which makes sense I guess, but is there at least a way to limit the refactoring to be executed only for the project's cpp and h files? 

I also noticed - even for small projects with just a few files - once you have added a library with many files the refactoring takes much longer, this could also be avoided if it could be somehow limited to your own codebase instead of ALL files including third party stuff that should not be touched at all!

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You can disable search for text occurrences and also select a scope, see


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