Cannot resolve symbol 'ui:define'


I started a Jakarta Faces Project, but all Faces-Tags in my *.xhtml are red:

URI is not registered (Settings | Languages & Frameworks | Schemas and DTDs)  (xmlns:f="jakarta.faces.core")

Cannot resolve symbol ‘ui:define’

Cannot resolve symbol 'ui:include'

Element ui:composition must be declared

and so on. The Jakarta Faces Plugin is installed. What else can I do?




Does it help if you add jakarta.jakartaee-api dependency?

If it doesn't help, please share a sample project that reproduces the issue (you can upload it to and share the upload ID)


Thanks for your support. I already added this dependancy, as far as I understand, this is the main jakarta ee 10 dependancy that contains all the libs needed.  I guess, it is some kind of project/ide/... setting that I didn't set right yet. I will upload the project, it is still super tiny.



the Upload ID is: 2023_11_17_rwtMaVMmPza4y81ANQTd3r 


Thanks in advance.




I'm not able to reproduce the issue with your project (xmlns:f="jakarta.faces.core" and ‘ui:define’ are recognized correctly in my case).

Please try the following steps:

- File | Invalidate Caches... | Invalidate and Restart

- Uninstall and install again Java EE: Server Faces (JSF) Plugin

- Check and install suggested plugins (

If it doesn't help, please collect logs via Help | Collect Logs and Diagnostic Data (entire archive). I'll check your setup and possible exceptions. Upload logs and screenshot of the issue via


Thanks for your response, I uploaded the logs, 

Upload id: 2023_11_19_skUmPpZx6xq5jAHjhjD5hy (file:





I don't see any problems in the logs. Can you please try to reimport the project the following way:

- restore IDE default settings via File | Manage IDE Settings | Restore Default Settings (the current settings will be backed up and you'll be able to restore it via File | Manage IDE Settings | Import Settings)

- install Java EE: Server Faces (JSF) Plugin

- open your project in OS file explorer and remove all *.iml files and the .idea folder from your project

- delete the IDE system folder while the IDE is closed. All your settings except Local History will be preserved

- reimport project the following way:



Hi, this procedure worked very well, thank you very much for your support.  

Kind regards 



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