Why do I have to click Diagnostic refresh on the data source to see new sql server stored procedures ?

This is seriously my only issue with using datagrip at all. Everything else is really really good, but not being able to see a newly created stored procedure unless I either view schemas, uncheck the one that has my thing, save, then view schemas, re-check the one with my sp in it, save again, or use Diagnostics>Diagnostic Refresh on a data source. This is straight up untenable as a serious program for an org if i have to be told when a stred procedure is added so i can mess around getting it to show up.

Please, dont let this be the one thing that ssms can do better, so much better infact that my boss says see, ssms does it all.

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Hi Dave, 

If the newly created stored procedures don't appear in the Database Explorer and you have to refresh the schema for them to appear, please ensure you have the Auto synch enabled in the data source properties. 

Let me know if this works for you.


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