Extending the Protobuf Plugin with Buf features



I am working on an LSP that supports the Buf Schema Registry, which allows protobuf files to be shared without copying .proto files locally. Ideally this would enhance the features of the existing Protobuf Plugin. However, instead it provides conflicting information. For example, the Buf LSP knowns how to find and access remote files, while the Intellij plugin does not:

Via the new LSP support, goto definition can find this file, but the Protobuf Plugin provides conflicting annotations.

I am looking to connect with the team that maintains the Protobuf Plugin (and/or the LSP integration) to figure out how to best have these plugins work together.



Hi Alfred,

Sorry for the delay.

I contacted a responsible developer and got information that it is advised to filter false positives with https://plugins.jetbrains.com/docs/intellij/controlling-highlighting.html in such cases.


Hi Karol,

I am trying to use that API, but I don't quite understand how to tell if the HighlightInfo is coming from my plugin or the main Protobuf Plugin. I was hoping the `inspectionToolId` field would help, but it appears to always be null. Any suggestions?




Hi Alfred,

I searched for usage of HighlightInfo.Builder#inspectionToolId(String), and it is used only in one place related to Web Symbols, so it's useless for your case. 

I checked example filter implementations and most of them use severity and messages to identify infos to filter out, so I suggest checking if it works for you, or comparing different data you can use to distinguish between yours and other infos.


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