Help for debug a web app (javascript) on Android Browser ?

I'm using phpStorm to debug my web-app, php on the backend and javascript/jquery on the frontend .. everything is running on windows 10 env. and works fine.
Have now discovered that some of JS is not working properly on Android mobile device (OP 5Nord - Android 13) using Chrome/Opera browsers.
Can anyone led me in the right direction on how to easily debug JS script on mobile devices .. using phpStorm and other tool.  
Thanks :-) 


Not sure I understand your setup, please could you elaborate? Is it a mobile application or web application? Do you have your web server installed on your mobile device, can it be accessed from other OSs/devices? Also, where do you have the IDE installed?


It is a pure web-application (html/css/js) served by Laragon (php 8.2 / Apache / mysql 8) on a windows 10 pro desktop installation. 
PhpStorm is installed on same desktop, so the host is localhost / ::1 / over port 80 or 433 . 
The windows firewall is opened for access from local network, so I can test the web-app using eg. (ip of the desktop) from a mobile phone browser like Chrome or Opera etc. 


I see, thanks for update. This is not possible unfortunately, you can't attach the debugger to a browser started on a different device. 

You can try using Chrome Dev Tools for this, see


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