Pycharm messed all configuration of my project after commiting and pushing to GitHub


So after I did some changes in my project I tried to commit and push it to the projects git in github. I succesfully did it but something was different. I remember a pop-up window appeared explaining something about the pushing but I dont recall what did it say. Nevertheless, after the pushing, which was successfull, some things changed in my IDE and my project:

In the tab of “Project” (top left) all the project files and folders should be there, but now all of them disappeared. The only files that appear are some python files of the project but all the rest dont appear, except if you change from “Project” to “Project files”. This is something that never happened to me before and does not appear like this in the rest of my projects.

The other thing that happened and affects me the most is that the interpreter disappeared too. There is no python environment anymore. I cannot change it as how it was before, as the configuration that was there before this trouble just doesn't appear to exist anymore.

How can I solve this problem?


It seems that you might have accidentally commited vcs.xml file. 

Can you please find the branch where you have pushed this and run git rm --cached vcs.xml

Also, under File | Settings | Version Control | Directory Mappings, check the mappings and make sure exact project path is mapped. 


Maybe I'm wrong but vcs.xml appears in red under the label of “Unversioned files” in the Commit window, so I dont think I commited it. Also, how can I find a branch?


Can you please copy content of your vcs.xml file? 


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