JavaScript/TypeScript Move Symbol Refactoring


I'm trying to move Typescript classes from one es6 module to another, and Intellij appears to have some refactoring support around this.   In reading the relevant help page, I'm led to believe that the “Move Module Members” should be popping up when I try to move a class from one package to another, but it isn't coming up for me – all I get is the standard move/refactor behavior, which is ignorant of es6 module considerations.   


I'm on Intellij Ulimate latest, with the Javascript/Typescript plugins installed.   Any thoughts on why this isn't working for me, as described in the docs?





thanks for reaching out to us!
Please could you share a video recording of the issue so that we can see what it looks like on your end?

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Thank you!

In your video, it's not quite clear what actions you tried. Looks like you have invoked the Move refactoring on a file and not on a symbol. To move a class to a different file, you need to open a file where the class is defined, put the caret on a class name and then invoke the refactoring


Hi, that was the issue – the Move Members dialog only comes up if you refactor a specific class, and it doesn't get invoked if you move an entire file between modules.

You can mark this as resolved, thank you for your help.




Thanks for clearing it up!


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