In win11, nvim content shift one line in the IDE terminal


When I open terminal and run nvim in Jetbrains IDEs (Goland, Rider), 
the first line runs out of the window and there is an extra blank line at the bottom. 

I am using win11 + neovim v0.10.0 + NvChad.
On the other hand, in same conditions, I did not encounter the above abnormality when testing on macOS.

below screenshot using Windows Terminal

below screenshot using Goland terminal

I've checked the NvChad issues, but it seems no similar issue like this
Is there any suggestion?


If post here is not proper, please kind to let me know, thanks



May I ask you to create a new ticket on and provide some steps to configure the same environment there (e.g. configuration files for NvChad)?


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